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Shelly says,
"Find peace in your home."
Everything you wanted to know about Feng shui including Design Tips & Tricks

Feng shui (pronounced "fung shway") is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. The literal translation is "wind and water".

It is not a decorating style. Rather, it is a discipline whose guidelines are compatible with many different decorating styles.

In general, for a place to have "good feng shui" is for it to be in harmony with Nature, to have "bad feng shui" is to be incongruous with Nature. People aren't usually described as having good or bad feng shui.

Qi (or Chi) - Underlying the practical guidelines of feng shui is a general theory of Nature. Nature is generally held to be a discrete organism that breathes qi (a kind of life force or spiritual energy). The details about the metaphysics of what Nature is, what qi is and does, and what breath consists in vary and conflict.

It is not generally understood as physical, but neither is it meant to be metaphorical or functionalistic (the latter being the view that even though an entity is fictional, it is useful to talk as if it really exists)

The goal of feng shui guidelines is to orient dwellings, possessions, land and landscaping, etc., so as to be attuned with the flow of qi.

Very generally, some common rules are:

  • When sitting at a desk or lying in bed, the entrance door should be in a clear line of sight, and you should have a view of as much of the room as possible.
  • Straight lines and sharp corners are to be avoided, and especially should not point where people tend to sit, stand, or sleep.
  • Avoid clutter.
  • Roads to and from ancient towns were often curved and windy, an attempt to disorient and keep away evil spirits, who were believed to travel in straight lines.
  • Some objects are believed to have the power of redirecting, reflecting, or shifting energy in a space. These include mirrors, crystals, wind chimes, and flowing water.

The bagua - The bagua (or pa kua) of the I_Ching (Book of Changes) is an octagonal diagram that is used in feng shui analysis. Each direction on the octagon (north, northeast, etc.) is thought to have certain significant aspects, perhaps in part depending on the birthdate of the person using it. By mapping the bagua onto a home, village, cemetary, etc., information about correct orientation and placement can be gleaned.

In recent decades many feng shui books have been published in English, often focusing on interior design, architecture, interior decorating, and landscape design. Audiences have reacted skeptically towards the purported benefits of crystals, wind chimes, mirrored balls, etc., on one's life, finances, and relationships. Often, these claims are dismissed as New Age, pseudoscience, relying on the placebo effect, or even outright fraud. The high prices charged by some feng shui analysts is sometimes cited as evidence of the fraud claim.

Other audiences reject feng shui's justification for its rules (movement of various energies, etc.), but believe that some of its more practical rules (such as not working with one's back to a door) are very useful.

It is unclear what relationship these Western interpretations of feng shui have to the Eastern tradition. Many traditional feng shui practitioners in Asia regard Western adaptations as inauthentic.

Thanks to Wikipedia for this information.

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