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Shelly says,
"Find peace in your home."
Shelly's Faux Finishing Painting Tips and Tricks - Faux Ceramic Tiles

Want to get a look of ceramic...without the cost?

Forget the cost of the tile, the glue, the grout, the spacers and of course, the labour for the contractor. You can have the look without spending a fortune. This is definitely an "I can afford it" project!

If you like the idea of a great home decor look without the high cost, this faux ceramic tiling painting may be for you. 

Here is an example of some grey toned faux tiles in a kitchen backsplash. Hopefully, it can give you some inspiration to try it out yourself.

Faux ceramic tiling can be done in whatever block size you choose. This example was done in a 4 inch block size with 1/4" faux grout lines.

The colour of the faux tiling can be in whatever colour you like. This kitchen backsplash was done in grey tones - almost a shiny stone look.

The background was first painted - the grout colour. 1/4" painters tape was used to to mark off the lines.

Different shades of grey were applied using a stencil brush, starting with a lighter gray in the middle working out to darker grays near the edges for a 3-D effect.

The final step was to apply a water based protective coat of polyurethane. It adds some shine and makes it very durable and easy to wash.

I am not only the Designer/Decorator of these faux ceramic tiles but I have done all of the work too. Unlike some Interior Designers, I actually do most of my own work.  These faux ceramic tiles are no exception. They were all designed, developed and painted by Shelly Whitney.

Copyrighted 2006 – Inspired Interiors by Shelly Whitney - Shelly Whitney is an Interior Designer and Decorator with "funked-up flare" and a penchant for decorating on a budget. She employs "I can afford it" tips and tricks in all of her articles and projects. 
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