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Shelly says,
"Find peace in your home."
Shelly's Interior Design & Decoration Tips & Tricks

How to Make a Small Space Appear Larger

Are you dealing with a space so small that you just cannot seem to decorate and get the right 'feel'?

Are you moving to a new space where some of the rooms are smaller than what you currently have?

Are you and empty-nester and downsizing – from a large house to a condominium?

Then keep reading...

Decorating a small space can be a challenge…for the best of us :-) However, there are some simple tricks to make the decorating process a tad easier. Your room CAN appear larger than it is. It can also gain the added benefit that comes with that – a space you can live in and love.

Paint colour can have a huge impact on the feel of a room – both for how small the room is, and the mood in the room. For your small space, choose a lighter shade.

Light colours open up a room by making the walls appear further away - while dark colours tend to have the effect of making the walls appear closer.

Even if you like a dark colour on a particular paint chip, move up the paint chip to a lighter shade for your small space. Good colour choices include neutral tans and beiges.

Make sure your furniture is not oversized for the room. That is, make sure you can actually enter the room and move around once in there :-) You may laugh…I have seen it happen.

A homeowner did not realize how small the room was in their new condo. When they moved the sofa and love seat into their new living room, the furniture overfilled the room, and they could barely more around.

Don’t let this happen to you. It can be a costly mistake. So, if you are going to a small space, measure both your new room and your old furniture to see if it will actually fit. If it won’t, it would be worth your while to find a new home for that furniture – sell it, give it to a college student in your family, or give it to charity. You will need some new furniture. Bring a tape measure with you when you purchase your new furniture to ensure that it will fit and have it delivered right after you move in.

If all of this sounds too complicated, look for a local interior designer/decorator to help you out. They can determine if your furniture will work in your new space, shop with you to buy your new furniture (you can leave your tape measure at home – they will have one:-) and even provide you with a layout for your new furniture.

For a nominal fee, all of this headache can be worked out before you move!

Keep your fabric pattern and print choices to a minimum. Using a few solid colours in all of the room will give the space a more natural, peaceful flow.

If you want to add interest with fabric, use textured fabric of the same colour. Some examples include damask, raw silk or a decorative fabric with embroidery.


Window coverings should not be in high contrast to the walls. If your window is the focal point of the room, you may want to choose a fabric with only a slight contrast to the walls. This will allow the window to remain the focal point without having the affect of making the room appear smaller. If you have privacy and a fabulous view at all times, using no curtains at all may be best.

Shelly Says, "Small spaces means small clean-ups!"

For more small spaces interior decorating tips, you can purchase my Interior Decorating Tips & Tricks e-book - coming soon! Ask me for more information about it's arrival!

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